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 Maid Making at
                 Club Mandingo!
                   Chapter 1
                     TJ Ryder

     In the new republic of Obeah, the cute American
couple at the Mobongo Hotel lobby appeared to be pretty
typical tourists, but the hotel staff watched warily,
because they were afraid they might skip on the bill.

   At first they were typical of the white couples
who came to this afrocentric and essentially Black Ruled
country for the attractions of interracial pleasure,
since the male stock was 95% black and giant Zulu bloodlines,
and this wasn't the first couple who found that while
the casinos and clubs offered discount charter service,
the cost of living was pretty high, and they had noticed
for the past week their room service dropped to nothing.
Their instincts told them they were running out of money,
but the cute hotel clerk smirked knowingly at the luscious
blonde wife still insisting they visit Club Mandingo down
the coast, where beautiful wives from all over the world
come and some even bring their husbands.

   In fact, she could tell the woman had already had
her pleasures just by the smug satisfied smile on
her face, contrasting so much with the worried, anxious
expression on the slim young man who said on the register
he was her husband, and she snickered again when she looked
down and saw he was half hard in his tropical shorts,
a sure sign he was a cuckold, probably in a chastity belt,
because only cucky wimp white bois return from a day at
Club Mandingo with unrelieved sexual pressure.

   Handing the wife the room key, she smiled smugly at
the young man, "Have a nice day, Sir?"

   Timmy Pedwell half smiled out of politeness and tried
not to wince.  "Yes, thank you!"

   Janice Pedwell sighed and smiled dreamily, "ooh yes, it
was just wonderful!"

   As they walked to the elevator, the clerk smiled at him,
as he blushed. 'yes, I think I know what your'e having for
dinner!' she said to herself, and Timmy sensed that was
exactly what she was saying because it was what he was thinking
of himself, so anxious now. 

   An hour later, Janice idly stretched, half moaning and
signing, moving her thighs apart, and moved her hand down
to pay her husband's head.

   "mmmm, honey, don't touch my clit now, its too sore
from today!"

   "Slurp, mmm," Timmy mumbled, still enthralled and delighted
by the taste of his wife's drooling stretched pussy, but
after her last cum she had released all the semen and cuntcream
packed in there during her sex filled afternoon with several
hung natives, as he moved back, his hand moving unconsciously
to grasp the turgid drooling hardon he had been nursing all day.

  "No, dear, please don't!" Janice said. "You know I don't
like you to!"

   Groaning, he swallowed, "Well if you don't want me to
beat off , maybe you should let me have a little of what the Zulu
nation at the Club got today!"

   She giggled, stretching luxuriously, "your'e so tense today,
honey. You know I like you with nice full balls, especially when
you clean me up!"

   "Yes, b-but...!"

   "And you promised to be good!"

   "Y-yes, but...!"

   "You should put your panties on over your little penis, dear,
that will take your mind off it while you give me my bath!"

   'I-I don't think so...!"

   "Oh, your'e not going to make me put on your chastity belt
and take out the paddle are you? I'm really a little tired now!"

   "N-no," he stammered, and decided to change the subject to
another painful topic.

   "And we are broke, almost, honey!  And I thought you said
you had a solution already!  I can tell you that the desk clerk
thinks wer'e going to skip!"

   "Oh," she paused, half smiling, "actually, that's true,
I do have a fix for the problem, honey.  I think we can find work

   He got off his knees, and sat back in a wicker chair and
looked at his wife with shock!

   "This is like Africa, honey. I mean the blacks run it,
and you know what they pay for wages!"

   "oooh, I think its wonderful and money isn't that important
as long as we can manage, and the benefits are so, well...!"
she sighed and moved her delicate hand down to her puffy, swollen,
still red pussy lips.

   "Oh yes, I know what you mean by benefits for you!"

   She smiled, "don't pretend, honey.  Remember Iv'e seen you
on your knees before a black man more than once! You like it
as much as I do! That's why I married you, dear. Even back
in Springfield I felt you knew your place around Black men!"

   He half blushed, because it was true, "But that still doesn't
fix the problem. Do you have any idea how hard is for a
white foreigner to get a job here?"

   "Actually," she smiled, "its quite easy, if youv'e the right
attitude, and I just said I think you do!  We already have
job offers!"

   "We do?"

   "Well, yes, wev'e just finished their probation period
for the selection process!"

   His brow furrowing, he asked where!

   "At Club Mandingo, silly!  You know theyr'e a growth
industry, clubs all over the world!  We can travel, and even
have an employee stock purchase plan!" And she laughed,
"and it will be soo much fun too!"

   "Okay, your'e having fun, but I'm trying to be serious!
They don't use white males at the club, except maybe for
some odd clerical job. I only saw a couple, all the rest
babes like you!"

   "Your'e just so naive, Timmy, that's what I love about you!
At least half the staff are white boys, well, almost boys!"

   He gasped, those babes in maid outfits?

   "We didn't stay at the Club so you didn't see all the
special 'room service' personnel, but I'm sure you saw
many white bois there!"

   "I'd wear a dress?"

   'Oooh, a little more than that, honey!  But its for your
own good, really!"

   The possiblities are frightening and compelling as the
images flooded his mind, but Janice decided to wait until he
was more accustomed to the idea.

   "So, this, well, trip, was like a probation period?"

   "Kind of, they did ask for photos, and I did sign up
for the possibility of employment!"

   The next day Timmy found out that he and his wife had
been observed at the club for a week, and while she was
dancing with a hung black marine from America, he was
attending a seminar for the new applicants.  When he emerged,
he was very conflicted, and Janice knew it by his face
immediately! He was holding a large manila folder with
the Club logo on it.

   "What happened, dear?"

   "I, um, I just got some more details about the job!"

   "Really, does it sound good?  I hope so because we
really need the money now!"

   "I, well, um, well," he sat heavily by the pool while
his wife reclined on a beach chair, idly waving at the huge
black male in a tiny speedo who waved over at her.

   "Tell me!"

   "Well, um, they, I mean the lady who does the training,
well, she had photos taken of us, there are a few other white

   "OOooh, it didn't go well?" Janice asked, concerned.

   "No, nooo, not exactly.  I mean she told me I was
very good!"

   "Well that's good news then!"

   "Um, yes,  but they have these tests they did on me, and
after  they ran them, they use this computer to show me what,
well, what I'll be like, I mean, what I'll look like!"

   "Oooh," she smiled, "is that in there?  Let me see!"

   Hesitantly, he took it out, and besides all the typical
resumee, tax and benefit information, he had a computer
generated picture. Janice squealed with glee as she
looked at it.

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